What are the benefits of 5s

What are the benefits of 5s to your organisation? There’s a wide range of benefits on offer to organisations that put in place a proper 5s system. Pallet lift tables are ideal in helping you achieve this. Industry, Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehouses and medical settings all benefit from lift tables.
In sectors such as Industry, pallet lifts have been implemented as part of the popular practice of 5s which serves to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing waste. The 5S methodology is based on the five principles: sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain. Our lift tables can fit into these processes in the following ways:

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Sort encourages an assessment of all the items in the area to determine if they are still providing benefit or if they are no longer necessary. One important consideration is if the equipment and tools you have in place are still suitable for use and meeting requirements. Designed with the highest safety standards and quality, Our pallet lifts are based on 25 years of experience. They can be optimised to your workflow with tilt and turn functions, turntables and other equipment if required.

Set in order

A system should be set in place once all items are sorted. For example, if you have an area where unboxing and repackaging of items is carried out but you have to carry it out manually or need to keep searching for the table lift this results in a waste of time and movement. Having a dedicated table lift in the area for this task can be part of an organised lean system to improve the process flow and productivity.


The shine principle ensures a clean area, where storage and labelling are considered to keep everything tidy and organised. Our table lifts are solid and stable steel structures with powder coated options available making them resistant to wear and scratches keeping a clean look.


The new system should adhere to standards e.g. health and safety and quality, especially when subject to audits. Our lifting products are built with European components and are CE marked. The manuals are also provided in English which can be captured along with work instructions in your quality management system.
The Health and safety of employees is a huge concern and an extremely important factor in the workplaceThey are designed to meet safety standards minimising ergonomic risk in the workplace by conforming to the European standard for Safety requirements for lifting tables EN 1570 + A1 2nd edition 2014-10-09The lifts operate at ideal working heights and allow workers to avoid repetitive heavy liftingImplementing mechanical systems, like pallet tables, reduce safety and sick leave in the workplace.


Once 5S has been implemented it is important to maintain it as an everyday process. Other processes can even be utilised as a part of this such as the Kaizen methodology which focuses on continuous improvement. If you have already implemented lean manufacturing processes they can still be continually assessed for further efficiencies. For example where processes such as manual lifting can now be replaced by using mechanical means.
When implementing lean working processes there are huge advantages to the use of equipment such as lift tables. The benefits of 5S systems using lift tables and pallet lifts include the reduction of movement waste, removing the ergonomic strain on individuals and increased pace of processes promoting a lean workflow. If you are considering lift tables for your workflow please get in touch with our experts today.

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